Working For Us

Responding to emergency calls is only part of a working day for our team of full (wholetime) and part-time (On-Call) firefighters. Our firefighters also help to advise the community of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland about fire safety and prevention. To be able to do that, they have to know about the potential risks and hazards in the area surrounding their stations. They face all kinds of challenges from floods, road traffic accidents and the growing threat of terrorism.

We are looking for men and women from all backgrounds with special skills and abilities. It’s true that fitness is important for the daily physical challenges our firefighters face because they need to be able to lift certain parts of equipment on their own, however they also have to work hard keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. Our firefighters have fantastic communication skills because not only do they have to be able to work really well together, they have to be able to work in collaboration with the other emergency services as well. Of course when they attend emergencies they have to remain composed and show patience and understanding to members of the public, often in very difficult circumstances. Emergencies don’t occur during nine to five hours, so our wholetime firefighters work varying shift patterns depending on the station they are based at. Our On-Call firefighters carry an alerter and they respond to emergency calls during periods when they are available.

Our On-Call firefighters have to live or work within four minutes of the On-Call station they respond to. For most of our On-Call firefighters, the best part of the role is combining an exciting and rewarding contribution to their community with the challenges of their regular job. We aim to offer contracts and working hours to ensure a healthy work/life balance where we can. As our On-Call firefighters are helping their community as well as learning new skills, you’re likely to find that your employer understands when you have to leave work to respond to an emergency call. Our On-Call firefighters spend a relatively short time away from work and the benefits they take back to their employers are significant.

If you’re considering applying for a firefighter role, you may want to start a fitness programme however, please remember to check with your doctor before you do. Some of the best ways to improve your fitness include swimming, running and circuit training. You may also need to build your upper body strength for tasks such as lifting and climbing but, before diving in or getting started, remember to stretch and warm-up – and allow yourself time to rest between sessions. Our ‘Commit to Get Fit’ booklet is specifically designed to help you prepare for the physical job related tests you will undergo as part of our selection process for our firefighter roles.

But firefighting is not just about physical fitness. To do many of our jobs other things are equally, if not more, important; for example mental agility and communication skills. Of course, there’s much more to our fire and rescue service than just the obvious firefighting. There are control room staff who take emergency calls, HR professionals, administrators, technicians, ICT specialists and many more. Every position is equally valued and helps make a real difference. In return for your commitment you will receive some great benefits and rewards. Now you have read about working for us, if you still have some unanswered questions, our frequently asked questions may help. We receive hundreds of enquiries every year regarding becoming a firefighter at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service but is a role as a Firefighter right for you?

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