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Our aim is to make Nottingham city and the county of Nottinghamshire safer places to live, work and visit, and our objectives over the next three years are linked to this.

A lot of our work is therefore focused on preventing accidents and injuries through education and safety intervention. Our Community Safety team has a full programme of activities for people of all ages, with a particular emphasis on children and young people, and adults who have been identified as being more vulnerable and at risk from danger.

Our Arson Task Force is concerned with preventing deliberate fires and will monitor known trouble-spots and the results of fire investigations. The information they gather can lead colleagues in Community Safety to put measures in place to help minimise the risks to local people, eg smoke alarms, fireproof letterboxes.

We also work closely with local businesses and landlords to help them meet their statutory fire safety responsibilities towards staff, customers and visitors. We carry out regular inspections of premises and will prosecute if we find serious breaches of fire safety legislation.

The work of our firefighters may seem obvious, but many people may not realise that they also carry out a variety of other duties when not responding to emergency calls. This can include carrying out home safety checks and business property inspections, giving advice on safety and talking to young people about how to keep themselves, and their families, out of harm's way.

Behind the scenes are the Fire Control operators who are vital to anyone dialling 999 in an emergency. They take the first calls, mobilise the fire crews to the scene and remain in constant contact with them to co-ordinate extra resources until a job is complete.

Our three-year plan is our guide to the work we are doing, much of which is developed in partnership with other organisations, agencies and voluntary groups who share our belief that more can be achieved if we work together and share information and activities.

Visit our website for further information with regards to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

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